Crafting Evolve Stone

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Crafting Evolve Stone

Post by PomfPomf on Fri Dec 13, 2013 7:57 pm

Full guide credits v2seraph

Can't afford paying for the ridiculous high price Evolve Stones? Craft yourself then!

You'll need to be at least level 16 (Maybe lower?) to join a crafting guild. Talk to respective NPCs in 绿明村 to gain access to crafting!

Crafting is really easy in this game as you don't need to gather most materials yourself. All you do is click a button and the NPC will collect/craft your selected item for you.

There are many crafting guilds in the game but since I'm an lazy ass, I won't be introducing all of them. Instead, I'll only introduce the 4 guilds that are involved in crafting Evolve Stone!

Without further ado, let's get started~

Quitting a crafting guild

Press button circled red below if you joined other guild previously. Open up 'L' for crafting interface.

Join following Professions! (2 harvest & 2 crafting)

Lumberjack's Guild (木作坊): Collect resin which we need to craft pickaxes for ores. (wat)
Farmer's Guild (丰年会): Collect soil which we need for pottery.
Bopae Research (太尚门): Craft Evolve Stone! Also able to craft Bopae which gives much more stat when used to refine.
Pottery Guild (陶瓷坊): Craft pickaxe for collecting ores. Also for 1 of the material required to craft Evolve Stone.

NOTE: Get a quest from both harvest guilds. They will ask you to collect a 'sample' for them. You will need these samples to to unlock new materials before they can collect them for you.

Crafting Evolve Stone!

Now, look at the materials for Forest Dragon Evolve Stone. What do we need?

Poison Vial: Can be gotten from daily quests / Scorpion dungeon.
Holy Stone (We'll call it ORE instead): Look at your map for them. (Stone icons) You need pickaxe to dig them up!  

Quality Refined Soil: Crafted by Pottery Guild.

Before we start, go to following location to collect your first resin sample: (Around level 18-20)

Should be pretty straight forward by now.

1) Press 'L' to bring up the crafting interface.

2) Next, assign Farmer's Guild to collect soil for you.  

3) At the mean time, assign Lumberjack's Guild to collect resin.  

4) Assign Pottery Guild to craft Refined Soul after you get your raw soil from Farmer's Guild.  

5) Assign Pottery Guild to craft Quality Refined Soul afterward.  (Yep, I totally used the same image D:)

6) Tadaa! You now have all the required materials. Happy crafting Evolve Stones. Razz

NOTE #1: Continue collecting resins if you need more pick axes.

NOTE #2: Ores are hard to find. They re-spawn every 40 minutes, switch around channels to hunt for them. But remember you are not the only playing hunting for them so don't come crying to me if you couldn't find one! D:

NOTE #3: Continue crafting to gain EXP for your crafting guild. You need to level your crafting level to unlock higher level recipes.

Desert Evolve Stone Crafting Samples:



Moonwater Plains Evolve Stone Crafting Samples:

Resin: (On tree arch past bridge)

Soil: (Beside camp)

Refined Soil Recipe:  

You need to get Moonwater Plains Pottery Recipe  to unlock this. Either farm yourself at Wolf God's Camp or buy from auction house. [Search 陶瓷 (tao ci)]

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Re: Crafting Evolve Stone

Post by Glowsticks on Sun Dec 15, 2013 4:59 pm

I would like to add that if you have lumber making the white wood of any tier (the stacks of 10) sell on the AH for crazy profit.
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