First Guild Event

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First Guild Event

Post by Calehein on Sun Dec 15, 2013 4:44 pm


Hey guys, I'm hosting a guild event to help our guild expand. You'll be able to contribute to the guild as well as get a chance to earn some gold. I will include a guide on how to farm souls and turn in guild fame. Here are the details:

Type: Raffle
Prize: 1 gold
Entry: 100 guild fame for 1 entry. There are no limits. In addition you get 2 bonus entries for having 10 or more entries.
Deadline: Monday midnight pst or gmt-8.

There are two ways to earn guild fame.
(1) Faction dailies. Wearing your faction outfit will allow you to see and receive red quests.

(2) Turning in souls. When you kill enemy faction (npc or players) you get souls depending on the rank of the npc or how many souls the player has. Your soul count can be seen on the bottom left of your screen next to your gold. If you die you lose all the souls you collected. Changing outfits or channels as well as logging out will also result in losing souls.

Turning in:
1-10 souls give you 1 guild fame for each soul.
11-20 souls give you 2 guild fame for each soul.
21-30 souls give you 3 guild fame for each soul.

IMPORTANT: You only get souls if you are within the level range. If the enemy npc's soul is greyed out you will not recieve anything. You also only get the soul if you last hit. First hitting does not matter. If you are in a party all the party members get a soul no matter who last hits the npc.

You can turn in your guild fame here.

The screen shot I want is this (before and after)

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Re: First Guild Event

Post by PomfPomf on Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:31 pm

Nice, i'll be sure to participate


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